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The Conversation

Welcome to TeachClimate's interactive page! We will be updating this with videos, reviews (from kids and teachers), and ideas from you and experts. Please stay tuned for new resources, current events, and opportunities to connect.


Check out the NASA Climate Kids Resource with ECI Intern, Lucy, to give you a guided tour!


Climate Teaching Resource Spotlight:

Ocean Acidification is a very critical impact of our warming world, threating marine species in myriad ways.   has provided curriculum-standard ready activities to learn about the impacts of changing ocean pH and hands-on science experiments to teach fundamental concepts to students, grades 4-8. Lesson plans included!


With so many students learning from home, it's a great opportunity to connect home energy use to climate-driving emissions! Here is a great activity from Click Energy.


Teaching Kids to Save Energy: 8 Fun Tips to Try during Self Isolation

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